The Villages Astronomy Club: Events

Member Ted Mitrou prepares to show the evening sky in his telescope.

Member Ted Mitrou prepares to show the evening sky in his telescope.

The Villages Astronomy Club holds several special public events each year. We hold events for special astronomical occurances such as eclipses and unique conjunctions. We also hold regular star parties and daytime educational astronomy events.

Upcoming Events

Starry, Starry Nights

Nighttime Public Star Parties

At our twice yearly star parties, our astronomers show the public the skies through their telescopes and astronomical binoculars. See the Moon as you've never seen it before! See the planets, nebulas, star clusters, double and triple stars, and faraway galaxies with their own features.

Astronomy Day

Daytime Public Educational Event with Solar Viewing

Astronomy Day events typically occur in spring and fall. They include educational displays about our Sun and the solar system. Take a walking tour of our solar system on our Solar Walk, a scale model of the solar system with information at each stop as we go from the Sun to interstellar space beyond our solar system.

We will also have solar scopes to observe the Sun--see sunspots and if you're lucky we'll see solar prominences and flares.

Closed Events

Special Educational Sessions for Select Groups

Local educational groups arrange to have special events put on by our club's volunteers. These events will usually include a hands-on activity such as assembling a solar viewer, a model of the nearby stars, or construction of a planisphere. We also provide activities such as solar viewing or nighttime viewing, our Solar Walk, and educational presentations including displays.